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    Stop wasting time and money on the traditional home selling experience.

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    Take what you want leave the rest. We'll take care of everything else.

    Local Dedicated Support

    A dedicated professional will guide you through the entire process.

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    We work on your timeline; pick the date when you want to move.

    Sell Your House In Days, Not Months.

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    We buy any condition house! No costs! No commissions! No cleaning! Quick closings! Avoid the hassle of realtors, repairs and months of uncertainty.


      • Save More Time & Money
      You want to sell your home fast to earn cash. So don’t waste any more time and money on the traditional home selling experience. Selling your house the traditional way often leads to expensive repairs and upgrades, endless showings without guaranteed results, and mountains of paperwork. Plus, you’ll be asked to pay those hefty commissions and fees. Cash Offer Florida℠ helps you avoid all the stressful obligations.
      • Skip the Massive Cleanup
      Conventional real estate companies will tell you that you cannot sell your home without cleaning it up first. Not with Cash Offer Florida℠ — take all the stuff you need, and leave the rest to us. We’d be glad to take care of everything else so you can move out with ease.
      • Get Local Dedicated Support
      New on the real estate market? That’s great! One of our honest, hardworking, and dedicated professionals will guide you through the entire process. No need to worry if you don’t have any experience selling your home — we’ve got your back!
      • Choose Your Closing Date
      With traditional home selling, you’ll need to adhere to the strict and often demanding schedules of the buyer. Cash Offer Florida works on your timeline. You call the shots, and pick the date when you want to move.
      Did you know that it takes an average of 65-93 days to sell a house in the US? What’s worse, rural homes take two months longer to sell than urban or suburban properties. That’s a long time to cash in on your property, especially when you’re selling your home to earn cash quickly. Cash Offer Florida℠ is here to change all that.
      You might have been hired for your dream job in another state and need to move out fast. Maybe you’re expecting a foreclosure soon and want to avoid it. Perhaps, you’ve inherited a home but don’t want to pay for the high maintenance costs and hefty property taxes it comes with. Or, you’re recently divorced and want to sell your marital home as quickly as possible.
      These are only a few examples why you’d want to sell your home, but whatever the reason, Cash Offer Florida℠ is here to help you sell your house fast without all the difficulties that traditional property selling is notorious for.
      We’re your best bet in Florida if you want to sell:
      • A rental property
      • A vacant house
      • An inherited home that’s costly to maintain
      • An old, outdated house
      • An uninhabitable property
      • A house full of stuff or trash
      • A hoarder house
      • A condemned house
      • A house facing foreclosure
      The list is endless, but through our years of experience, we’ve already seen it all. No matter your reason, we’ll buy your home and take care of everything else. With Cash Offer Florida℠, there’s no need to spend your hard-earned money on repairs and cleaning — you can sell your Florida home as-is, in any Florida county, condition, or situation.
      There’s no need to worry about inspections or contingencies. Mold or termite damage? That’s fine. Storm or fire damage? Sure. With Florida’s long history of hurricanes and being vulnerable to several storms each year, it’s not all that surprising.  We’ll pay for your property IN CASH.
      Although the estimated time it takes to sell a home may differ depending on your exact location and local real estate market, most homeowners still wait for months — or more — for that SOLD sign to finally get posted outside.
      If you need money fast, and need to sell your home RIGHT NOW, we can make it happen. We know not everyone can afford the long wait. We’ll get you started in three simple steps.
      Once you tell us about your property, we’ll review the details you’ve provided and contact you to setup a quick appointment so you can assess your options. We’ll then give you our fairly calculated, reasonable, no-obligation CASH OFFER. Finally, we close when you’re ready, your cash directly paid to your name by check or wire transfer. In as short as 7 days, you’ll get your property off your hands! Why wait for weeks or months?
      Statistically, a real estate agent can only pull off 1 in 3 sales. Why gamble on the sale of your property? Stop wasting your time on traditional home selling that often requires a spotless property, and where you will need to beautifully update and stage it, just so it can be marketed and sold. Because we’re the ones buying your house, the sale is guaranteed.
      What’s more, you don’t need to shell out money from your own pocket to pay traditional real estate companies for their manpower, services, and requirements.
      • NO real estate fees/commissions
      • NO agent/broker fees
      • NO inspection fees
      • NO appraisal fees
      • NO lawyer fees
      • NO price negotiating after a signed contract
      • NO MORE paying local taxes and insurance after closing
      • NO MORE mortgage payments after closing
      We’re not only about saving you money. We’re also about saving you time and preventing stress. Selling a house shouldn’t be a full-time job for you, especially when you’re out of time.
      • NO wasting time on inspections
      • NO strangers parading in and out of your home on endless viewings
      • NO issues arranging viewings for a property far from where you live
      • NO possibility of thieves robbing your house while you wait for it to be sold
      • NO waiting 3-6 months for your Florida house to be sold
      Florida is a crazy state and we get it. It doesn’t matter whether your house has been damaged by natural calamities, trashed by bad tenants, or wrecked by vandals. You can describe your house in the ugliest words, and we’ll still buy your Florida house in it’s current condition without you having to repair or clean it up.
      At Cash Offer Florida℠, we know you need to sell your house fast, and we’ll get it done. If you need help selling your property within days and have nowhere else to go, give us a call. See how much we can offer for your property by telling us a few basic details about your home, and we’ll get back to you quickly.
      1. Call or Submit Your Information
      Submit your information online or call/text us and our team will respond within minutes.
      2. Meet With Us At Your Home
      We will arrange a time to quickly view your home, explain your options and make a cash offer.
      3. Choose Your Closing Date
      We will close when you need and pay you by check or wire transfer.

      Sell Your Florida House Fast; In Any Situation

      As-Is Condition

      - Storm/ Fire Damage
      - Mold / Termite Damage
      - (Bad) Tenants In The Property

      No Repairs

      - Old, Outdated Houses
      - Major Repairs Needed
      - Uninhabitable Houses

      No Cleaning

      - Full of Stuff or Trash
      - Hoarder Houses
      - Condemned Houses

      A Better Home Selling Experience

      We offer serious cash offers for those looking to sell their Florida home quickly. No matter the current state of your home, we would love the chance to buy it.

      Is This Your Situation?

      Stressed out about repairing your home for sale

      Your inherited home is proving to be costly to maintain

      You are facing foreclosure and need guidance while selling your home

      You have no equity in your home and cannot pay fees

      You have bills that keep piling up and you need cash

      You are going through a divorce and need to sell your home now

      Client Testimonials

      Cash Offer Florida℠:

      Select Closing Date

      Choose When You move

      No Showings

      No Repairs or Upgrades

      Local, Dedicated Support

      We Handle The Paperwork

      Flexible Scheduling

      No Commissions & No Fees

      Traditional Sale:

      No Guarantee of Sale

      Set Move Out Date

      Endless Showings

      Expensive Repairs & Upgrades

      No Communication

      Piles of Paperwork & Stress

      Strict Schedule

      Commissions & Fees (8%+)

      Ready To Sell Your House Fast?

      We help homeowners with real estate they need to sell quickly, or that's causing a problem. No matter your situation, we can help you sell your home, without any stress or hassle - guaranteed.