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    Whatever the reason, whatever the current state of your house, there’s no easier and faster way to sell it than with Cash Offer Florida℠. Here’s how it works:

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      Call or submit your information and one of our team members will contact you to schedule an appointment.

    • Phone Consultation

      You will receive a call from our team to discuss your specific situation and how we can help you!

    • In-Person Estimate

      We will schedule an appointment to visit your house and provide you with a no obligation, no pressure, cash offer.

    • Sell for CASH

      If you accept the offer, we’ll sign an agreement and set a convenient closing date.

    How To Sell A Florida House As Is

    In today’s world where you can buy, sell, and get various goods almost instantly, why should your property be any different? Selling your house should no longer be an expensive, drawn-out process. Cash Offer Florida℠ speeds up the entire property sale because we’re the ones buying your house, in any condition, in and around the Sunshine State.
    We Simplify Selling Your House in Florida
    If you’re planning to sell your house in Florida, you’re most likely thinking of renovating your property before listing it. The next thing you know, you’ve already spent tens of thousands of hard-earned dollars refurbishing your house without knowing when you’re going to recover all of the expenses. After all, traditional house sales take months or even years to complete, depending on the current situation of the real estate market.
    If that’s not a favorable scenario for you, you can count on us at Cash Offer Florida. With us, you can sell your house as-is, which means:
    • No more costly repairs and renovations
    • No more time-consuming clean-ups
    • No more exhausting viewings
    • No more waiting on listings
    • No more demanding showings
    • No more expensive agent/broker fees
    It’s no secret that if you go through a real estate agent or broker to sell your house, you will need to pay them the standard 6% commission rate. On top of that, you will have to account for the costs of inspections, appraisals, and lawyers’ fees.
    That’s a lot of savings if you opt to sell your house through Cash Offer Florida℠. The good news is that you also get to significantly reduce the waiting time it takes to cash in on your house. If you were to search for the statistics on traditional property sales, you would see that the average time for completing a sale is two to three months, assuming, of course that the sale actually closed.
    Take the Faster, Easier Route with Cash Offer Florida℠
    Whatever your situation, selling your property shouldn’t be a headache. To get you started, give us a call or send us your name, phone number, and email address on our website so we can arrange an appointment.
    There are plenty of reasons out there why you need to sell your property. It could be because you’re moving out to advance your career in another state. Maybe you’ve inherited a house but don’t want the heavy maintenance costs and taxes that come with it. Or, you’ve been recently divorced and need to get rid of your marital home.
    Or maybe you just need cash and the practical thing to do is sell your house.
    We buy all kinds of houses — pretty or ugly, big or small, pristine or damaged. Sell it all to us, as is. You can sell us the following:
    • Rental house occupied by bad tenants
    • Inherited property
    • Outdated residential property
    • Trashed/vandalized house
    • Hoarder house
    • Condemned house
    • Uninhabitable property
    • House damaged by natural disasters, such as fire or storms
    • Property for foreclosure
    Once we’ve arranged a phone consultation, let us know the specifics about your property, and we can then discuss how we can help you sell your Florida property fast.
    And don’t worry, there are no hidden costs or commissions.
    Sell Your House on Your Preferred Closing Date
    If you choose to work with conventional real estate companies, there’s a huge possibility that the price of your property will dramatically drop, especially when your property has been sitting there for far too long. According to data from Redfin and the National Association of Realtors, only 35% of residential properties in 2019 sold for 95-99% of their listed price.
    The real estate market is also highly competitive. In Florida alone, the number of realtors has tripled from 67,000 to more than 180,000 since 2000. How sure are you that your property will be sold within the time frame you’ll need the money? You’ll be waiting for months with no guarantee.
    With Cash Offer Florida℠, your house is as good as sold once you accept our offer. When we’re done discussing the details of your property during the phone consultation, we will schedule an appointment to visit your house. Here’s how we streamline the process to give you a seamless house selling experience:
    • We figure out the repair costs
    Leave the repairs, renovations, and clean-ups to us. The only thing you need to do is talk to us about your property, and we will factor in the costs when we calculate your estimate. We will include big ticket items, such as foundation, roof, heating and cooling systems, and electrical components.
    • We assess the property value
    We do our homework before giving you our cash offer, which we also base on residential properties nearby, whether they’re sold, active, or expired. The primary factors that affect property value include the size of the lot, square footage of the house, the year it was built, the construction materials used, the facilities and amenities nearby, and the type of sale (foreclosure, on- or off-market, or short sale).
    Once we finish running our calculations, we will then present you with a fair, no-obligation, no pressure cash offer. If you say yes, we will sign an agreement and set a closing at your convenience, so you can get your money and move out easily.
    Get Started Today and Sell Your House Fast
    Avoid the hassle of dealing with traditional real estate companies when you sell your house in Florida. They typically require repairs and renovations to make your house appealing to future buyers. House viewings take a lot of work; countless inspections, strict schedules, and strangers constantly coming and going through your property.
    Spend no more money on making your property more sell-able. We’ve seen the best and the worst through our years of experience, so whether your house has been storm-ravaged, damaged by fire, eaten by termites, or worse, we can come up with a fair deal for your property to be sold quickly.
    At Cash Offer Florida, we understand that you need cash fast, and that you can’t afford to waste time and money. If traditional real estate brokers make you wait months for your property to be probably sold, we’ll get everything done within days. Call us today, and we’d be glad to assist you.


    No Costs - No Commissions - No Cleaning - Quick Closings

      Call/Text Us: 407-457-5700

      We Buy Florida Homes Fast

      Are you facing foreclosure? Behind on your mortgage? Liens? Moving? Residences and rental homes with bad tenants. Vacant, condemned and uninhabitable houses. Outdated and in need of major repairs? Unwanted or inherited home? Storm damage, fire damage or mold? We buy houses anywhere in Florida, in any condition and we're ready to give you a fair, all cash, no obligation offer for your house. You will not pay any agents, commissions or fees. You choose the closing date. We pay all the costs; get a cash offer for your home today!

      No Matter Why You Want To Sell You Home, We Want To Buy It!

      Selling Without Repairs

      Behind On Payments

      Inherited Home

      Tax Liens

      Water Damage

      No Home Showings

      Job Loss

      Preventing Foreclosure

      Expired Property Listing


      Avoiding Fees & Commissions

      Problem Tenants

      Vacant House

      Fire Damage


      A Better Home Selling Experience

      We offer serious cash offers for those looking to sell their Florida home quickly. No matter the current state of your home, we would love the chance to buy it.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How long does it take to sell a house to Cash Offer Florida℠?

      Every house and every situation is different. Usually we are able to close in 14-30 days. Our goal is to purchase your home as soon as possible.

      Will you really buy my house for cash?

      Absolutely! We will make a cash offer during our walk through on the spot. If you accept, we will sign the agreement and set a closing date. You will receive your cash in full at closing.

      How fast will I actually get the cash?

      We usually close in 14-30 days. You’ll receive the full cash payment at closing.

      Do I need to complete repairs or renovations before selling?

      No, we purchase houses “as is.” No repairs, renovations, upgrades or cleanup before we buy your house.

      Do I need to clean out my house before selling?

      No, take whatever you want to keep and leave the rest. We will do the clean out and cleanup after the closing.

      How much faster is it to sell to a cash buyer than through a realtor?

      Traditionally selling a property through a realtor with conventional financing will take on average 3-6 months. We will purchase your home in 14-30 days.

      How long does it take to set up a meeting and get an offer?

      Once you contact us, we will meet you within 24 hours or at the most convenient time for you. When we meet, you will receive a cash offer on the spot.

      What does selling “as is” mean?

      Selling “as is” means that you don’t need to perform any repairs or renovations. There is no need to cleanup or clean out your house. We will purchase your home exactly as it is right now; saving you time, money and hassle.

      Is there any obligation on my part to accept your offer?

      No, there is no obligation on your part to accept our offer. If you decide to accept the offer, we’ll sign the agreement and set a closing date that works best for you. At the closing you will receive a full cash payment for your house.

      If you buy my home, how soon will I have to move out?

      Typically, you will need to be completely moved out by the closing date. If you need this extended, please contact us to make other arrangements.

      I'm currently renting my home out. Would you still want to buy it?

      Yes, we will purchase your property with any tenants that are currently living in it. We will need to know about the current lease and if the tenants are current on their rent.

      What is your cash offer based upon?

      Our all cash offer is based on the condition of your home at the time of our meeting. We will be taking into consideration the cost of the required repairs and renovations along with the recent sales in your neighborhood.

      Who usually sells their house to Cash Offer Florida℠?

      Our clients are usually motivated sellers. Individuals and families that want to sell their property right away without having to complete any repairs or renovations. Typical reasons people sell for cash.

      My lender is threatening foreclosure. How can Cash Offer Florida℠ help me?

      If you are under the threat of foreclosure because of unpaid mortgage payments or property taxes, we will make you a cash offer to purchase your house before foreclosure; possibly putting some money in your pocket while salvaging your credit.

      Why should I choose Cash Offer Florida℠ to help me sell my house?

      Cash Offer Florida℠ understands the time, hassle and costs involved with traditionally selling a home. We will make you a cash offer on the spot with no obligation on your end to accept.

      What are the advantages of selling my home to Cash Offer Florida℠ as compared to working with a traditional realtor?

      A traditional sale with a realtor will normally cost 6% plus closing costs. Making repairs is typically a requirement before selling a home through a realtor and with the financing contingencies, a sale could take 3-6 months. We will make you a cash offer on the spot and close in 14-30 days.

      I've inherited some property I can't afford. Can Cash Offer Florida℠ help me sell it?

      Yes, there is no need to own a home that you do not need or that you cannot afford. We will make you a cash offer to purchase the home in as little as 14 days.

      Does Cash Offer Florida℠ buy every house it is offered?

      We will make a cash offer on the spot for every home we see. It is the sellers decision whether they accept the offer or not. There is never any obligation to accept an offer from Cash Offer Florida℠.

      Will I have to pay fees or a commission to Cash Offer Florida℠?

      Cash Offer Florida℠ will never charge any fees or commissions; just a cash offer on the spot. In certain situations the seller maybe required to pay fees or taxes but never to Cash Offer Florida℠.

      Will selling to Cash Offer Florida℠ negatively affect my credit?

      Selling to Cash Offer Florida℠ will help to save your credit by avoiding late mortgage payments, tax payments and possible foreclosure. Our cash offer will help you pay off your debt, not incur more debt.

      If I sell my home to you now, can I buy another home in a few years?

      Definitely. We will help to release you from the burden of your current home. When you are ready to purchase another home, we will connect you with a local real estate agent.

      I owe back taxes on my home. Can Cash Offer Florida℠ help me?

      Yes, we help homeowners sell their homes and resolve any delinquent taxes. Any money left over will be paid to the seller in a cash payment at the time of closing.

      If I decide to go the traditional route, can you connect me with a realtor in my area?

      Yes, if a cash sale is not the best solution for you; we will refer a qualified real estate agent in your area.

      ``The entire process was fast and easy. It really made a stressful time in our lives much easier. Thank you!``

      Samuel G.

      Palm Bay

      ``I had an unexpected job relocation and my home wasn't in the best condition. I was able to sell my house as is and move exactly when I needed to! Thank you, guys.``

      Chantel S.

      Port. St Lucie

      ``My husband and I received our cash offer in 24 hours. I was very surprised selling my trashed rental property was so easy...it was a WRECK.``

      Richard A.


      ``Extremely good communication and follow through. I need to sell my house fast and we closed in two weeks!``

      Michelle F.


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