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Carolin had a property in Palm Bay that was in disrepair. She did not want to invest money into repairs and sell it conventionally. We were able to purchase the property from her in 18 days for cash.
After Clarese’s mom passed away she was overwhelmed with repairs, taxes and insurance. She gave us a call and we were able to purchase the property from her for cash while also cleaning it out. She just took what she wanted and we handled the rest.
Britney was selling a home for her grandparents who had owned it for 63 years! The home was full of belongings and was outdated. We rented a self-storage unit for her and she moved the most important belongings in there and left the rest. We gave her a check for the home and we handled everything else.
Joscelyn inherited a home outside of Miami but it was in serious disrepair. Initially, she was planning on renovating it but then Joscelyn spoke to a couple contractors and some repair estimates were over $65,000! She called us and we purchased it, for cash, in 17 days.
Anthony was living out of state and inherited a property near Winter Park. Anthony had no desire in renovating the property or waiting for a traditional sale to take place; we purchased the property for cash and Anthony didn’t even have to come to Florida!
Terry and his partner were in the process of purchasing their dream home but had not yet sold their current home that was requiring some repairs. Instead of having 2 mortgages for potentially several months while also financing repairs, they called Cash Offer Florida. They picked the date they wanted to sell (2 days after purchasing their dream home) and were paid cash at closing.
Rachael was leaving Florida for a great job opportunity in Denver but only had a few weeks to pack, move and sell her home. She decided to sell her home the day after her last day at work in Florida and received a check at closing.
Deanna inherited a rental property from her father but there were some title issues that had to be cleared up and an ongoing issue with neighbors over a well that 3 homes were utilizing. We spoke to the neighbors and an attorney and came to an agreement. Deanna received a check at closing in just over a month.
Nina had recently went through a divorce and was trying to sell her home while moving 6 hours away. She only wanted a few things from the house and garage. We purchased the home for cash and handled the clean out of items she left behind.
Michelle was helping her mom sell her home when she was moving into assisted living. The home required major repairs and cleaning but neither Michael or Michelle wanted to spend the time or money renovating it. We arrived at a price and on a closing date and their mom received cash at closing.


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